The biggest advantage of opting for a skin tightening Jupiter procedure is the fact that it can finally remove years of sun damaged and aging skin that creams, peels and masks can’t fix, and reduce stubborn cellulite that can’t be improved by diet and exercise. The results are dramatic and speak for themselves.

My goal is for you to love the skin you are in!

Donna Shuman

With facial skin tightening that can look more natural and youthful than the results of a facelift, laser skin treatments like the IPL, Fraxel and YAG are a much safer and more effective alternative. Compared to traditional, expensive and risky body skin tightening procedures like liposcution, VelaShape III has lesser risk of complications since there are no incisions performed.

Another benefit is that skin tightening treatments produce dramatic results with almost no downtime. This means you can get back to your work or daily routine with minimal restrictions. Most importantly, skin tightening with Velashape III gives you fast, visible results right away. It may take several sessions to achieve your dream shape, but the result is surely worth the effort.

The cost of laser skin tightening treatments is also much less than the cost of surgery.

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