Rosacea is a growing problem for men and women worldwide, with over 16 million Americans facing this skin condition. The intensity of rosacea can vary from person to person, ranging from slight reddening during physical activity or wine consumption to a constant reddened appearance. It is prominent in the cheeks, forehead and lower sections of the face. During a flare up, the blood vessels in the face dilate, becoming more visible through the skin’s surface. Over time, this can result in additional issues such as the formation of small red bumps that resemble acne. Our skincare team at Aqua Laser Studio has the dedicated services which can help reduce rosacea’s symptoms or even remove its appearance overall. Best of all? Our procedures are effective without the need for invasive surgeries.

My goal is for you to love the skin you are in!

Donna Shuman

There are many different treatments we offer at Aqua Laser Studio that can address the redness and issues of rosacea. One of our most effective procedures treats the enlarged capillaries and vessels that cause the telltale rosacea reddening. We can bring considerable transformation with our Candela ND YAG 1064 laser treatments. Our laser treatments are an outpatient procedure that use intense light lasers emitted in a sequence of gentle pulses across the affected skin. This procedure activates natural cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of the broken capillaries that intensify it. Laser treatments can reduce the inflammation altogether, bringing considerable reduction or even elimination of rosacea symptoms. While this doesn’t permanently cure it. It does make the condition much more manageable. With routine laser treatments, you can keep rosacea from controlling your skin.

Another effective approach to rosacea treatment involves a procedure which is poised to become the next big thing in skincare. Microneedling in Jupiter is a wonderful approach to treating many aspects of skin discoloration, from rosacea to dark spots and everything in between. In microneedling treatment, the skin is gently revitalized through continued agitation with a microneedling pen or roller. This agitation awakens skin’s natural collagen and cell production, bringing reduced coloration and even effective treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. This regenerative effect can reduce the bumps and pimples that can accompany rosacea.

At Aqua Laser Studio, we understand how truly frustrating it can be. While there is no medical cure for rosacea, there are effective dermatologic procedures that can help control the problem. With our treatment options, you can work to keep the symptoms and flare ups at bay. You can learn more about your rosacea treatment options by calling our office at (561) 328 – 6435 to schedule your consultation.