Fine lines and wrinkles are the most common signs of aging people start to notice on their face. These are natural effects of normal aging, but they can be frustrating and actually make you look older than you actually are or feel. Botox Palm Beach Gardens can get rid of these pesky lines and wrinkles in just a couple of days, making you look naturally years younger and radiant and restoring your confidence.

My goal is for you to love the skin you are in!

Donna Shuman

Botox is administered by injecting areas of the face that tend to have the most amount of wrinkles – the forehead, between the brows and under the eyes. The product injected is called botulinum toxin A, and it temporarily freezes the muscles so the face no longer creases and wrinkles soften. Results are proven to last up to four months, and we recommend booking your next appointment around that time to keep your results consistent. Patients expect a little discomfort while Botox is administered, but it could only lasts for a second and most people agree the amazing results are worth it. An ice pack and/or bit of numbing cream on the area helps make this procedure very comfortable and tolerable.

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