The top body sculpting and body skin tightening devices on the market today are 100% non-invasive and use advanced technology for firming skin, permanently removing stubborn fat, improving skin texture and reducing cellulite. Here’s how they work:

Candela VelaShape III

VelaShape® technology uses infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and a vacuum to firm and tighten skin and reduce circumference. It works by treating the skin, fat cells, surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers with deep heat. This stimulates the growth of new, stronger collagen and elastin. After just three sessions you can achieve a smaller waist, more sculpted thighs and butt, and firmer skin.

Candela UltraShape Power

UltraShape® Power uses ultrasound technology to reduce abdominal circumference and fat in the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. The machine works as interstitial fluid is subjected to rapid alterations of acoustic pressure, causing the formation and implosion of bubbles. This releases energy that causes the immediate breakdown of the fat cells without affecting the surrounding elements. The oscillating high pressure induces selective destruction of the fat cell membranes, resulting in permanent fat cell destruction.

My goal is for you to love the skin you are in!

Donna Shuman

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