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Say Goodbye to Cellulite With VelaShape Body Contouring in Jupiter

Are stubborn fat and cellulite giving you the body blues? Have you tried diet and exercise to no avail? Sometimes, losing that last few inches or skin dimpling after reducing your body mass seems impossible. However, fat and cellulite is now treatable with the VelaShape® circumferential and cellulite reduction technique.

My goal is for you to love the skin you are in!

Donna Shuman

What Is VelaShape® Body Shaping?


FDA-cleared, VelaShape reduces the appearance of cellulite, as well as decreases the circumference of treated areas. It is a non-invasive treatment that gives you the results you want – without surgery. To improve skin integrity, laxity, and texture, VelaShape uses infrared light combined with bi-polar radiofrequency energy.

This process deeply penetrates the surface of your skin to heat fat cells. Nearby connective tissue and collagen fibers are also affected, stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

Your VelaShape III will be performed by the Aqua Laser Studio team located in Jupiter, FL.

  • FCNH
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

Sunscreen and toning your skin are the most important part of skin care and keep it looking young.

Donna Feinberg Shuman is a Certified Clinical Electrologist, Certified Medical Electrologist, and a Certified Laser Practitioner

Meet Donna

What to Expect With VelaShape

VelaShape FemaleWith VelaShape, you achieve a slim, trim, and toned appearance in as little as five treatment sessions. Stubborn fat and/or cellulite of the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, neck, and arms are visibly reduced over the course of your treatment. Results are often visible after just one visit.

VelaShape treatment is quick, with little to no downtime afterward. Your skin may appear pink or slightly red afterward, and the treated area may feel warm to the touch. Generally, there is no discomfort and many patients feel as if they are receiving a warm deep tissue massage. VelaShape results are like a tummy tuck without surgical risks.


“My experience was very comfortable and exciting, the clear results make everything so worth it! Donna has given amazing advice and is somehow able to make appointments fun!”

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VelaShape, Cellulite & Body Sculpting Treatment in Jupiter for a Sexy, Smooth Shape

Aesthetic body treatments designed to contour the body often require surgery. But with VelaShape, you avoid going under the knife, while getting quick, safe, sexy results. Love the skin you’re in with VelaShape body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments in Jupiter. Call Aqua Laser Studio today at 561.250.6169 for a Free VelaShape consultation!

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