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With the help of the Candela GentleMax Pro laser, our skilled medical professionals can quickly address toenail fungus for Jupiter, FL, patients. Onychomycosis is the technical term for nail fungus. This issue is quite common, especially in the toenails, because its growth is increased due to the warm moist conditions inside socks and shoes.

Toenail Fungus and Its Symptoms

Toenail fungus grows inside or on the top of the nail. It is usually seen as a single spot at first, and it grows until it affects the entire nail. The fungus consumes keratin, the protein that fingernails and toenails are made of.

The symptoms of toenail fungus include thickening, irregular growth patterns, brittleness, nail discoloration, pieces of the nail breaking off, yellow or white streaks under the nail, red and itchy skin around the nail, and pain when pressure is put on the nail. Issues increase in number and severity as time goes on.

Toenail Fungus Treatment with GentleMax Pro

GentleMax Pro laser treatment quickly and effectively destroys the fungus in and around fingernails and toenails. Both active and dormant infections can be treated with this method. Laser onychomycosis treatment is preferable to certain oral medications, which can cause side effects that negatively affect the liver.

The treatment typically takes around 10-15 minutes to perform. To prepare the toenails for the treatment session, all nail polish will be removed and the nails will be filed down to make them less thick. These preparation steps help the laser light penetrate through the nail more effectively.

Next, the GentleMax Pro handpiece is used to administer pulses of laser energy evenly on each nail, ensuring complete coverage. The surrounding area will also be treated to make sure that all traces of the fungus are destroyed so that the infection does not return.

During this process, slight heat is felt, but it is not uncomfortable or painful. Because of this, no anesthesia of any sort is needed. The laser’s precise calibration allows it to avoid any sort of tissue damage, making it quite safe.

After Your Treatment Session

Once the laser toenail fungus treatment session is complete, you will be able to go about your day as usual without any downtime or recovery time required. Patients must bring and wear brand new open toed shoes for 24 hours after treatment. Many patients get these treatments during their lunch breaks and then return to work.

Results can be seen quickly after laser treatment; yellowness fades and skin texture improves. After the fungus has been destroyed, the nails can recover and heal. As they regrow, more treatments may be performed to ensure complete removal of the fungal infection.

Several laser treatment sessions may be required before the toenail fungus has been completely destroyed. Wait until your nail fungus has been completely treated and is no longer present before you get a professional pedicure or manicure. Before this time, you can still give yourself home pedicures or manicures, but do not apply nail polish.

After treatment, toenails will gradually grow back as the old nails grow out and are removed. Because of this, patience is required.

Toenail Fungus Treatment Cost

The cost of toenail fungus treatment with the Candela GentleMax Pro laser varies. Its price depends on the number of treatment sessions required and the medical spa you choose for your procedure.

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