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Silky Smooth Skin Anywhere, All the Time With Electrolysis Hair Removal in Jupiter


Get rid of unwanted hair without constant maintenance by coming in for electrolysis in Jupiter. Tired of the constant upkeep of a hair-free appearance? Hair removal methods require a lifetime of maintenance, except for electrolysis. The only permanent way to treat excessive hair growth, electrolysis works on all skin types.


Electrolysis hair removal is a safe and FDA-approved permanent hair removal procedure. It has been proven effective in treating numerous areas of the face and body.

The procedure involves the use of a tiny needle that releases heated electric currents straight into the shaft of the hair follicle. This step destroys the hair follicle and its capability to grow back.

There are three kinds of electrolysis hair removal procedures: blend, galvanic, and thermolysis. The blend technique uses a chemical process and localized heat in breaking up the hair follicle. The galvanic method utilizes chemical means to damage the hair follicle, while thermolysis employs localized heat.

Is Electrolysis Hair Removal Really Permanent?

Yes, electrolysis removes unwanted hair and permanently prevents regrowth after treatment. It works by destroying the growth center of each individual hair follicle in the targeted area to remove it, so it eliminates the ability for it to grow again. The number of treatments you need varies. Our specially trained electrologists keep you updated during treatment about whether you need further sessions.

Where Can Electrolysis Be Done?

Electrolysis treats unwanted facial hair, including areas around the eyebrows, upper lip, lower lip, sideburns, and chin. It is also effective for removing hair anywhere else on the body, so you get hair-free legs, abdomen, underarms, breasts, back, and bikini area.

Your Electrolysis will be performed by the Aqua Laser Studio team located in Jupiter, FL.

Benefits of Electrolysis

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is colorblind so it is effective on unwanted body hair of any color. It is the only FDA-approved method for the permanent hair removal, so you know it is safe and effective. The latest cutting-edge electrolysis technology we use in the studio is also safe and effective, while providing you with a quick, comfortable experience. Toss the tweezers and wax in the trash, and get rid of razor burn forever with electrolysis in Jupiter. For permanent hair removal, call Aqua Laser Studio at 561.250.6169, and schedule an appointment today with one of our certified electrologists.


Electrolysis is safe and recommended for patients in good overall health. It can be used on the face, the arms, and numerous other areas. It is not recommended for people who have active skin infections or hemophilia or are prone to keloid scarring.

People taking anticoagulant medications are not advised to undergo this hair removal process. Individuals who have just undergone plastic surgery procedures or dermabrasion should also avoid electrolysis treatments for six months.


During your consultation, the electrologist will inquire about the facial or body areas that you want to have treated, along with the kind of hair removal methods you have used previously. They will give you an overview of the electrolysis process, and the two of you will discuss your hair removal goals and expectations.

The consultation is an ideal time to discuss your concerns regarding the hair removal process. Once everything is settled, the electrologist will create a customized treatment plan for you to meet your hair removal needs.


The electrolysis hair removal procedure is done with the patient lying down. A clean electrolysis needle will then be used to go into every hair follicle separately while heat is administered to the follicle to kill it.

The duration varies depending on the target areas where you want excess hair removed—this could mean a session that can take several minutes or hours. During the procedure, a stinging or prickling sensation may be felt. A topical anesthetic may also be applied before the procedure to reduce discomfort.


There is little to no downtime or recovery required after electrolysis. Your skin will appear red and feel irritated following an electrolysis treatment. Do not be concerned, since those effects are normal—the treated skin requires an hour or more to calm down after the procedure. The irritation and redness will subside after a few days.


The cost of electrolysis treatment may differ from patient to patient. The overall price may reflect the size, number, and locations of the treated areas. The number of sessions required to completely remove all unwanted hair can also affect cost.


Electrolysis in Jupiter can now address your unwanted hair problems. Schedule a consultation with Aqua Laser Studio today to find out more about your options.

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