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If you’re looking for a gentle yet effective skin treatment, it’s time to consider a HydraFacial in Jupiter, FL. The HydraFacial uses state-of-the-art revitalizing technology to heal and replenish the skin.

The Benefits of a HydraFacial

The HydraFacial treatment is quite versatile. Various serums can be used during the HydraFacial in order to customize it to address each patient’s unique skin issues.

This skin-therapy option can resolve dullness, oiliness, roughness, laxity, age lines, acne, enlarged pores, and age spots. It can give the skin a youthful rosy glow. It can be used on the face or the backs of the hands.

The treatment can be used for most skin types. It is quite safe for patients with skin that is oily, thin, or dry. HydraFacials are non-invasive and are so gentle that even patients with sensitive skin can come in for them without fear of irritation. This stands in stark contrast to more abrasive treatments or surgical solutions, which can require weeks of painful downtime.

How Does It Work?

The HydraFacial mixes a number of effective techniques to achieve its results. These techniques include deep hydration, extraction of impurities, application of serums, pore cleansing, and exfoliation of dead skin cells. The combination of these techniques results in comprehensive revitalization.

These techniques are achieved through a chemical peel, gentle vacuum pressure, water-based hydration, serum infusion, and lymphatic drainage. The technology uses HydroPeel® tips to create a vortex-like effect, clearing away impurities. The chemical peel is quite mild and is often done using either salicylic or glycolic acid. The serums that are infused feature peptides, antioxidants, and other nutrients that increase skin health.

The Treatment Process

The HydraFacial treatment process is quite convenient and effective. The process is so gentle, there is no pain or discomfort involved. Instead, patients enjoy a cooling and relaxing sensation throughout.

After Your HydraFacial Treatment Session

Once the HydraFacial treatment session is complete, you will be able to return to your everyday activities immediately with no need for any recovery time or downtime. You can put on makeup right after the treatment.

There is no peeling involved. There may be a very small degree of temporary redness in the area after treatment, but this is nothing to be concerned about.

For most patients, it is ideal to come in for a series of six HydraFacial treatment sessions. This can be discussed during your consultation.

HydraFacial Cost

The exact price of your HydraFacial treatment will depend on where you go for your treatment session. Additionally, HydraFacial cost is impacted by the ways in which your treatment is customized for your specific skin issues.

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