What to Know About VelaShape

Scheduling an appointment for VelaShape, the revolutionary cellulite removal procedure reshaping the cosmetic services industry? Here’s what you should know. During Treatment During your treatment session, your VelaShape specialist at AQUA will start by cleansing specified areas that will undergo treatment. The VelaShape procedure utilizes a vacuum technology that will control the skin when infrared […]

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

At some point, we all get tired of shaving, waxing, and every other method we’ve used to stop unwanted hair growth. Whether it’s on your arms, legs, or bikini lines, laser hair removal is an excellent option to rid yourself of unwanted body hair. The question is…are laser hair removal treatments permanent? With proper follow-up […]

5 Reasons to Try UltraShape Body Shaping

UltraShape body shaping is the latest and greatest in contouring for a slimmer, sexier you! Completely safe and virtually pain free, it has become one of the most preferred methods for permanently removing unwanted body fat. UltraShape technology uses the gentle pulsation of ultrasound energy to target and shrink subcutaneous fat cells. Benefits of Fat-Busting […]

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Why This “Trend” is Here to Stay

CO2RE Intima is sweeping the nation, due to the ease of this procedure and its reputation as the best alternative to surgical intervention. Experience natural tightening, and improved color and texture without the risk of scarring. These are just a few of the many reasons why vaginal rejuvenation is gaining popularity across the country. No […]

When Is the Best Time for Laser Vein Treatment for Spider Veins?

As we end another year, we must start to think about our resolutions for the new one. Have you thought about yours yet? With Christmas coming and year-end bonuses right around the corner, now is the time to speak up and tell your loved ones “I want to make time for me this year!” What […]

3 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal You Need to Know If You’re Considering This Treatment

Considering laser hair removal, so you can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair on your legs, face, underarms, back, or other area? Great news – there are many benefits to this treatment that works on nearly every inch of surface area on your body. Laser Hair Removal Works on All Skin Complexions If you’re contemplating […]

What Is the Best Treatment for Spider Veins on Your Face?

Spider veins are a normal part of life. While you can effortlessly hide spider veins on your legs and thighs, the ones that appear right on your face are not so easily covered up. Facial spider veins often cause people to feel self-conscious about their appearance. However, there’s no need to feel embarrassed about them […]

Skin Care After Laser Hair Removal

Have you dreamed of a day in which you could wake up and get ready without spending 45 minutes in the shower shaving? Women and men experience unwanted body hair and spend a lot of unnecessary time trying to manage it whatever way they can. You may be a regular waxer, a tweezer, or a […]

Why Fall is a Great Time to Get Laser Hair Removal

You’ve spent all summer worried that the strong sunlight and revealing clothes of summer puts all of your unwanted hair regrowth on display. Or maybe you spent the summer shaving, waxing, and spending extra time in the shower to make sure you’re immaculate and hair-free. You’re tired of it, and understandably. The good news is, […]

Laser Hair Removal Myths Vs Facts

Hair. We all have it. Usually we want more of it in certain places and less of it in other places. It can be a nuisance or a blessing, depending on the angle that you view it from. For those of us trying to get rid of it, there are options. It’s easy to turn […]