Semi-Permanent Makeup

Long-Term Results With Semi Permanent Makeup in Jupiter

Tattoos are used to beautify your skin and uniquely display who you are. Similarly, semi permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattoo to enhance your natural features and reflect your inner beauty.

Also called micropigment implants, semi permanent makeup is a great way to improve your appearance so you get the look you desire, so you can say goodbye to spending time and money on traditional cosmetics.

How Long Does Semi Permanent Makeup Last?

Many people ask if permanent makeup is really permanent, and the answer is yes. As with tattoos, semi permanent makeup fadse over time. However, you simply need to schedule an appointment for retouching. To help your results last longer, avoid heavy sun exposure, as it can accelerate fading.

Who Should Get Semi Permanent Makeup?

Since semi permanent makeup is designed to reduce the daily application of cosmetics, anyone who wears makeup is a good candidate. It replaces your lipstick, eye liner, eyebrow pencils, and other expensive products. Microblading, a technique to improve the appearance of your eyebrows, is a makeup technique for anyone who desires fuller, uniformly shaped brows without plucking or waxing.

Micropigmentation is ideal for people who want to simplify the beauty routine, athletes concerned about sweating off their makeup, and people with skin sensitivities to cosmetics. People with certain health conditions that do not allow makeup application due to agility issues also benefit from permanent makeup.

Mornings are stressful enough. Make your routine a whole lot easier with permanent makeup from our skilled cosmetic technicians at AQUA Laser Studio! Call us today to schedule a consultation for semi permanent makeup in Palm Beach County at 561.250.6169.